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Market Research

Thanks to active telemarketing we will quickly implement market research and find out your business potential.

Are you interested in public opinion about your market? Do you want to know the opinions regarding your business or product? That’s not all active telemarketing can find out. Finding our your market potential or feedback from your current customers inherently belongs among the marketing activities of successful companies.

As a part of active telemarketing last year we reached out to 1,000,000 subjects and updated 200,000 business records in our customer database. In addition to public opinion polling, outbound calls also searched for loyalty indexes for your services and products, or supervised delivery of prints and flyers


Unlike other types of advertising, active telemarketing will give you instant feedback. It is characterized by high efficiency at low cost.


You pay for so-called closed-end entities, which means we have secured a complete questionnaire or found a reason why the person can not answer.


The interviewers on our lines are trained regularly; therefore they achieve above-average success in marketing surveys.


We will advise you on how to put together questions and with a quality questionnaire we will find out what you need know.

How we conduct market research

By asking appropriate questions we will find out what you need to know and we will appropriately prepare a questionnaire.
We have a broad, structured database of contacts. We can expand yours.
We will give you access to the information system where you can find the status of the telephone inquiry.
The results you receive from us will be processed into clear data.

We make calls not only in Czech and Slovak, but also in other languages. Our operators also speak fluent English and German. In case of different languages we always try to satisfy our client.


Our satisfied customers

Additional services



We offer training in sales techniques, handling complaints and the principles of properly communicating over the phone.



We don't keep our experience with developing and running a CRM system for call centrums to ourselves.

Marketing database

Marketing database

We will help you ensure high quality database updates and verification.

Direct mailing

Direct mailing

We make sure to support telemarketing campaigns with personalised letters, e-mails and SMS.

We will gladly arrange a meeting with you