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Telephone sales

Telesales offer your products and services to those who need them

Are you creating a marketing mix and thinking about how to effectively offer your products or services? No functioning company can manage without a good sales department, whether self-directed or mediated by our call centre. We’ve helped many companies to establish a good relationship with their current or potential clients.

Telephone sales is our strong side. We fully focus on it roughly 70% of our overall activity. Last year, our telephone sales generated a turnover exceeding 375,000,000 CZK for our clients.


Active telemarketing in the form of sales by phone is an effective way to quickly and cheaply reach out to a large number of clients with an offering of your products or services.


Our telephone salespeople are ready to convince the client of the benefits of your products or services, they can answer their objections


We only charge you for those who are truly addressed. That means people who agreed or disagreed to a deal over the phone.


With phone salespeople from AMAX call centre, you can easily implement your business strategy in various languages. English, German, Slovak are the basis, other languages on request.

How we sell your services or products

Prior to the start, we carry out the so-called sales test, which serves mainly to determine the sales rate, according to which commissions are subsequently set.
We will prepare an optimal sales interview (telemarketing script) and build a database of suitable contacts for your sales campaign.
During the pilot sales test, we will address a sample of 300 entities from your database, or we can supply contacts from our database.
Throughout the collaboration on your sales project, you'll have one person who shields your job and coordinates the team of operators and supervises the results.

Operators of the AMAX call centre are constantly acquainted with the latest telesales knowledge. They are experienced professionals with natural speech. Here we don’t do mechanical telemarketing speech.


Our satisfied customers

Additional services



We offer training in sales techniques, handling complaints and the principles of properly communicating over the phone.



We don't keep our experience with developing and running a CRM system for call centrums to ourselves.

Marketing database

Marketing database

We will help you ensure high quality database updates and verification.

Direct mailing

Direct mailing

We make sure to support telemarketing campaigns with personalised letters, e-mails and SMS.

We will gladly arrange a meeting with you