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Appointment setting

We will effectively and thoughtfully fill your schedule with appointments with your new clients.

Does your business rely on personal meetings? Contacting clients with an offer of a meeting is time consuming and often prevents you from doing other work. Get yourself a professional assistant, who can arrange everything important for you, so you don’t waste your time with administrations.

We have been negotiating business meetings since the start of AMAX. For 19 years we’ve been making the work of managers and businessmen easier and inviting their clients to personal meetings. Last year we negotiated almost 12,000 meetings for sales representatives.


You pay only for arranged appointments, not for every call. This way you can be sure that you will get real results for your money.


You will save time for yourself and your employees. You also don’t have to worry about call charges and other expenses.


We will expand your customer circle, because we can add your contacts to our relevant marketing database.


Every Company is different that’s why we approach each contract individually and create call scenarios to fit your business.

How we arrange your meetings

We will get to know your business in detail. During calls we act on behalf of your company, most often as your assistant.
We can use your database to arrange meetings, or we can create a new database for you to fit your needs.
The meetings are negotiated with competent persons according to a scenario that we agree upon.
We use a sophisticated system, where you can see all your meetings. After agreeing to a meeting your clients get an email or SMS notification.

Amax call operators are your right hand. They are communicative. They can deal with your customers in many different world languages. They can appropriately fill your calendar. And they go by the rule: “Smiling can be heard over the phone.”


Our satisfied customers

Cooperative Advantage Calculator

Count how much you need to make a meeting. The study identifies a case where your trader calls to potential customers and attempts to arrange a meeting.


Additional services



We offer training in sales techniques, handling complaints and the principles of properly communicating over the phone.



We don't keep our experience with developing and running a CRM system for call centrums to ourselves.

Marketing database

Marketing database

We will help you ensure high quality database updates and verification.

Direct mailing

Direct mailing

We make sure to support telemarketing campaigns with personalised letters, e-mails and SMS.

We will gladly arrange a meeting with you